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Air purification industry innovation technology is the core


Air quality problems are still grim
Recently, the research team of Guanghua School of Management and Peking University Statistical Science Center of Peking University released the 'Air Quality Assessment Report: Statistical Analysis of Air Pollution Status in Five Cities in China'. According to the report, the most polluted cities in the country are Chengdu and Beijing, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

The results of the survey show that air pollution has been deeply infiltrated from the original north to the inland cities. In particular, the list on Chengdu is a big surprise. This survey report once again aroused the public's attention to air quality. However, air quality improvement will be a long-term and slow process, and the use of a variety of air purification measures will become a necessary means to ensure respiratory safety in the short term.

Air purification industry innovation technology is the core

Fresh air system is an effective guarantee for respiratory health

The fresh air system quickly occupied the air purification market by purifying and filtering PM2.5 efficiently and ensuring the oxygen content of indoor air. In just a few years, the fresh air system enterprises have blossomed everywhere, and the fresh air system has completed the rapid penetration from high-end office buildings to ordinary families. The function of the fresh air system has evolved from a single air supply to an air purification device with functions of aeration, purification, dehumidification, deodorization, sterilization, heat exchange, etc., and has become thetop choicefor people to choose air purification equipment.

Shen Yabin, deputy chairman of the Guangdong Indoor Environmental Health Industry Association and chairman of Hangzhou Kali Intelligent Technology, has been engaged in research on indoor air composition and separation (purification) basic materials and technology since 1999. He is a well-known anti-mite expert. Shen Yabin said that the fresh air system can scientifically organize airflow and improve indoor air quality. The 24-hour source continuously supplies fresh air to the room to ensure respiratory health. The fresh air system generally inputs more air than it draws out, so that positive pressure is generated, so that the indoor clean air is discharged through the door joint slow extrusion, and the unfiltered air outside is prevented from being sucked through the door joint to ensure the indoor air is clean.

At the same time, the fresh air system can remove indoor harmful gases and effectively remove various harmful gases such as oil smoke, odor, formaldehyde and second-hand smoke. After the installation of the fresh air system, the newly renovated residential or office room will greatly shorten the vacant time of formaldehyde and reduce the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Shen Yabin and his indoor air quality research team installed FILTECH`s full-synchronized air purification system in the school classrooms of Caihe Second Kindergarten, Greentown Yuhua Primary School, Yucai Primary School, etc. After the installation of FILTECH, the whole house synchronized air purification system , the students` cold and cough phenomenon was greatly reduced.

Experts are optimistic about the market prospects of the new wind industry

The fresh air system was gradually recognized by the public after SARS in 2003, but the fresh air system at that time was mainly characterized by improved ventilation. In recent years, smog has been severe, and most of the fresh air systems have developed filtration and purification functions, and the efficiency of filtering PM2.5 is high, ensuring that fresh and clean oxygen is replenished indoors. This is unmatched by other air purification equipment. The current fierce competition in the fresh air system industry has also prompted fresh air system companies to look to the third stage, which is the innovation of air purification technology.

In the standardized air purification CADR laboratory of Hangzhou Carrie Intelligent Technology, we show various gas detection equipment and filter materials, as well as the purification effects of various filtration methods such as HEPA membrane filtration, electrostatic filtration and activated carbon filtration. Shen Yabin said that the development direction of the fresh air system must be the direction of "smart + pure physical purification without secondary pollution + convenient installation + energy saving". Shen Yabin and his team are developing a new generation of FILTECH fly-all-room synchronous air purification system, which runs continuously throughout the year and may not use electricity in your home. Shen Yabin said that the technological innovation process of the fresh air system will be the process of the survival of the fittest in the industry. Whose technology will go ahead and win the "heart" of consumers.

In the future, our country may take more than ten years or even decades to control air pollution, and in parallel with this will be the popularity of the whole house synchronous air purification system in Chinese families. After all, breathing is a big thing that everyone must stop. Technological innovations in the air purification industry will enable more and more consumers to enjoy a healthy and clean new wind. Who can solve the pain of breathing under the smog, who can build a dome under the smog, who will be the first to win the market, taking the lead.

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