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Local Authorities in Doncaster (Environment Health Department) and Tyne & Wear (Tyne & Wear Pollution Group) lead the way in air management plans by providing the general public with up to date air quality information via systems such as the Casella ETi Enview 2000 - a software suite that collects, analyses and transmits the latest data for the Local Authorities air quality monitoring stations to public display screens and or dedicated websites.

Cameron Stathers, UK Sales Manager for Casella ETi says: “Since designing and installing Enview 2000 in both Doncaster and Tyne & Wear, we have been receiving very positive feedback. Both systems have been up and running for a few months now and Doncaster has just ordered another public display screen, which is a great sign that we have presented the air quality information to the public in the most user-friendly manner possible while at the same time customising the design to meet the requirements of the individual local authorities."

How it works in Doncaster

The system in Doncaster is programmed to take readings from 5 air monitoring stations at 12-hour intervals. This information is passed through an automatic link within the Council's internal network from Casella ETi's Enview 2000 computer to a public display kiosk, with a large flat screen, located in Doncaster MBC's main reception area.

The Doncaster authority chose to configure the system with one central main screen depicting the locations of each of the monitoring stations, combined with a single graph for all five stations displaying local levels of NOx and PM10 particulates over the previous 24 hours, together with individual screens for each one of their monitoring stations. The system automatically scrolls from site to site with close up digital maps and a corresponding digital picture of the site and its pollution levels.

The system is also able to provide information on other air quality and health related topics. Doncaster has taken advantage of this fact by also running a video on the display system covering the recent joint South Yorkshire Local Authority's "Care for Air " initiative informing the general public on steps they can take to improve local air quality.

Paul Hart, Executive Director of Neighbourhood Services in Doncaster , says:“At Doncaster Council we are always ready to try out new initiatives to keep our communities involved and informed about our local services. This system is helping us to remain at the forefront of environmental work and we are pleased to be partnering Casella ETi in this evolving field.”

How it works in Tyne & Wear

Air quality information in Tyne & Wear is collected by a network of 14 monitoring stations across the region and fed into a central server at the University of Sunderland where it is automatically processed and posted onto the dedicated web site:

While the local authorities in Newcastle , Gateshead, Sunderland, North and South Shields and North Tyneside automatically dial into the server to access relevant information to obtain the air quality index level for their own particular areas, members of the public are being encouraged to visit the web site to get the full regional picture for themselves.

Marion Dixon, Environmental Health Manager in the Community and Cultural Services operation at Sunderland Council says: "Enview 2000 has already been of great benefit to the large number of students in the area, many of whom are studying environmentally-related subjects, and there has been a growing interest by members of the general public. Getting this system up and running really was a logical step for us to take. We need to obtain the information from the various monitoring stations to meet Government requirements, so we decided to pass on that information to members of the general public and anybody else with an interest in environmental matters.”


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