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Air quality maintained at seaside resort


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August 2011, UK -- ERG (Air Pollution Control) has completed a major £300k project to refurbish the odour control plant at the East Worthing Wastewater Treatment Works belonging to Southern Water. The project was undertaken on behalf of main contractor Barhale Trant Utilities, and is in addition to the regular preventative maintenance programme that ERG carries out on behalf of Southern Water.

The main task for ERG was the replacement of two large odour control wet chemical scrubbers. These were housed inside a large portal frame building where there was extremely restricted access. This provided the project team with their greatest challenge, as the old scrubbers had to be dismantled in situ. The newly fabricated replacement units were then craned in sections into the building via the roof, which had to be opened up especially for the task. This was an extremely delicate operation, as at times there were only inches to spare, as the vessels were manoeuvred past internal beams and structures.

In order to guarantee an uninterrupted continuous operation, Nick James, ERG’s senior project manager, explained “The scrubbers, which operate in parallel, were replaced one at a time, with the first new scrubber being commissioned and brought into service before the second old unit was decommissioned and removed”.

The new scrubbers are constructed from a composite of PVC/GRP with polypropylene internal packing. Weighing approximately 5 tonnes, each measures 3 metres in diameter and 9 metres tall.

With each scrubber capable of treating over 62,000 m3/hr of odorous air, the refurbished odour control system is now operating with an H2S removal efficiency of >99%, thereby helping reduce the impact of odours in this sensitive urban location near a popular tourist location and close to the beach.

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