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SST Sensing will be presenting our newly launched AQ Alert+ products at the Building Controls Show

The AQ Alert+ is a product designed to measure the air quality within a building environment. It measures the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere and has options to measure temperature, humidity and other gasses on request.

Increases in CO2 within learning environments has become an increasing issue as the drive for more energy efficient, air tight buildings increases. Build-up of CO2 gas causes drowsiness and in learning environments, the ability to concentrate is reduced. 

The AQ Alert+ CO2 monitor will alarm locally but also has models which will connect directly with Building Management Systems (BMS) to control heating and equipment such as ventilation fans and automatic window opening. This prevents the effects of CO2 build up, known as 'Sick Building Syndrome'.

The AQ Alert+ is also a platform to measure other gasses and we are currently developing a similar product which will measure CO2 and HCFC gasses to detect refrigeration leaks from freezers and large chilling units in supermarkets and other commercial and industrial buildings.

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Location: Esher Hall, Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ
Dates: Wednesday 23 October 2013 & Thursday 24 October 2013
Location: Stand D3

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