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For over 25 years, Enviro Technology has developed an enviable reputation as a world leader in air quality monitoring. More importantly, through research and innovation ET has perfected products which push the industry forward, yet still fulfil the exacting standards set out by Defra. We’ve picked up a few awards along the way too, such as the first ever MCERTS CAMS approval for our open-path ambient air quality monitoring system – OPSIS 300 and our mainstream NOx SO2 CO and O3 analysers from Teledyne API.

Our history of quality, success and cost effectiveness has made us the first choice for hundreds of organisations all around the world.

Right now, as local authorities look to maximise their funding from Defra’s 2008 / 2009 budget, decision makers need to know they are getting quality, innovation, effectiveness and reliability, backed up by the country’s most efficient support network.

All of these factors have become synonymous with ET over a quarter of a century of providing globally renowned systems.

And this year, more than ever, we know just how important it is for local authorities to make every penny count.

For that reason we have formulated unrivalled packages to ensure ambitious air quality monitoring plans can become a reality – even on the tightest of budgets.

ET’s effectiveness is all down to the people who work for the organisation. Every member of the team shares a commitment to quality, care and performance.

They understand all our products - and the clients who need them.

Sales and Marketing Director Duncan Mounsor and Technical Director Mike Webley epitomize the ET ethos.

Between them they have 50 years’ experience in the monitoring business. Their aims are simple; selecting the most reliable and cost effective monitoring technology to meet our customers exact needs.

They know how to ensure every client gets the best system to fit their needs.

ET has a system to suit every requirement, but five look set to be the most popular when authorities begin to invest their Defra budgets.

• BAM1020 PM10 Analysers – ET’s big selling particulate monitor combining value for money with ease of operation.

• API M200E Chemiluminescent NOx Analysers – provide sensitivity, stability and ease of use needed for ambient air quality monitoring.

• ET Roadside Enclosure (RoadBOx) – small, versatile and vandal-resistant, it’s ideal for NOx monitoring at roadsides and kerbsides

• – the popular website package that enables local authorities to meet the general public’s interest in air quality with up-to-the-hour local data.

• TrafficBOx – sets the standard in cost effective air quality monitoring. Utilising proprietary high performance gas sensor technology, the TrafficBOx delivers precise measurement data for a wide range of airborne pollutants. Of primary interest to local authorities looking to measure in AQMA’s will be the NO2 and PM10 variant.

Defra’s 2008 handout has been one of the most frugal ever. But ET has eased the headache faced by many local authorities with two new options for those facing even the tightest financial constraints.

• RoadBOx on a budget
• Enviro-Lease

ET’s popular, ultra-compact air quality monitoring station RoadBOx just became even more attractive thanks to the company’s budget deal.

Available in a number of colours, sizes and formats, the RoadBOx can accommodate from one to four air quality monitors (NOx, PM10, SO2, O3 and CO) plus dust and weather as external parameters.

ET can now provide the NOx RoadBOx, with full service support, at the £10K mark – a great option for those local authorities working with the smallest Defra hand out.

Alternatively, Duncan and Mike have put together Enviro-Lease, an effective alternative for local authorities who need the very best equipment but might not have a lump sum to invest or are uncertain about their long term monitoring needs.

And as with the RoadBOx budget deal, the Enviro-Lease equipment comes fitted, functional and backed up by ET’s full service support.

Duncan said: “We are well aware that local authorities will be left doing some serious number crunching after the release of the Defra budget support.

“But we really believe with the new packages we have something to offer at every level.”


15 August 2008


- Enviro Technology is a world-class supplier and the UK’s leading exporter of air quality monitoring equipment.
- For more information, please contact Sabrina Pace-Humphreys at Trailblazer PR on 01453 828 789.

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