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Air Quality Monitoring Systems Audit Service


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WKC  proudly announces our new Air Quality Monitoring Systems Audit service

WKC are proud to announce our new Air Quality Monitoring Systems Audit service. The auditing of air quality monitoring systems is a natural progression to other air quality modelling and impact assessment related services that WKC offer, all of which rely on ambient air and emissions data that is reliable and fit-for-purpose. Moreover, monitoring systems require a substantial financial investment to install and operate. Operators should be assured that they are receiving good quality and reliable data throughout the lifetime of their monitoring activities.

WKC have capability to audit Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AAQMS) and Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) based on ISO 17025 standard protocols. ISO 17025 is the most internationally recognised standard that assesses the quality system and competence applied during the operation of the monitoring equipment and stations.

WKC’s comprehensive assessment approach ensures that strict quality assurance and quality control is applied to the air quality measurements. The audit program includes:

  • Thorough, ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ audits of reports issued from the monitoring system
  • An assessment of the monitoring plans
  • A review of the station arrangement and equipment controls
  • Management system review
  • Centralised data management assessment

WKC was recently appointed to undertake a 3rd Party Audit for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AAQMS) in Qatar for three monitoring stations which form part of a larger network. While it is evident than many procedures and methodologies are applied, a 3rd party audit often helps identify potential oversights from a neutral perspective.

'WKC recognises the importance of being able to rely upon ambient data collected in industrialised areas. It was a pleasure to support a major operator in Qatar by providing assurance that systems in operation were functional and provide data to the correct rate of capture, precision and accuracy' - Shaun Pearce, Abu Dhabi office

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