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Air Quality Sciences, Inc. Highlights Newest Small Chamber Technology


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AQS meets high domestic and international demand with the addition of 15 new small environmental chambers. ATLANTA - Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) is home to the largest commercial environmental chamber laboratory offering more than 60 state-of-the-art chambers ranging from room-sized to small. Higher international demand for low-pollutant emissions testing and third party certification for programs like GREENGUARD, Blue Angel, and Green Seal influenced the addition of 15 new small chambers in 2010.

Small chamber technology allows AQS to proficiently tailor product evaluations with rapid turnaround for small-scale materials like paints, textiles, insulation and components of complex products like electronics and furniture. The newest chamber technology incorporates efficient design features and increased automation, allowing accurate analysis for a wide range of volatile and semi volatile organic compounds.  'Efficient and cost-effective testing across a broad range of chemical emissions streamlines laboratory processes and allows us to better serve the needs of product manufacturers,' explains Tony Worthan, President of AQS. The additional chambers facilitate same-day loading and an average of 1-2 days faster turnaround time.

Since AQS introduced its first environmental chambers in 1989, the company has maintained leadership in chamber design and the application of chamber testing to meet market demands for non-toxic products. Low levels of VOCs and SVOCs emitting from the products can cause irritation, odor or other adverse health effects, so all of the chambers are designed and engineered by AQS to detect emissions at part per trillion levels. In order to accurately measure these emissions, the air circulated in the chambers is free of all measurable background contamination and works off of a centralized air supply that can be rapidly flushed-out between samples.

AQS has developed and validated precision test methods, meeting certification requirements for a wide range of products including coatings, flooring, furniture, electronics, wallboard, adhesives and many others. All of these test protocols are included in the AQS ISO 17025 accreditation, which is an internationally recognized, rigorous measurement standard. Having tested more than 65,000 products, AQS' experience provides maximum testing flexibility to manufacturers developing 'green' or non-toxic products or working towards industry and product-specification programs. With an unprecedented number of small chambers, AQS is also capable of performing rapid screening so that products may be quickly tested for indoor air quality (IAQ) acceptability, an excellent preliminary indicator for managing materials before and during product development.

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    Do you have a filter weighing chamber which is designed toward EPA specifications. Filters 2.5 and PM10 or the TSP larger Filters.