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Air Quality Training for Prominent FEED/EPC Contractor, London


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November, 2016 -- WKC’s London-based Principal Consultant, Barry Roberts was involved in knowledge sharing in November 2016 with a prominent international provider of technology and infrastructure for the energy industry, who invited Mr Roberts to present an air quality training session to around 30 of its safety and environmental professionals at its headquarters in London.  Mr Roberts delivered introductory training covering concepts of air quality management, in addition to the fundamental tools applied in this field; air quality monitoring and dispersion modelling.  The presentation was tailored to the oil and gas sector, which aimed to maximise relevance to the audience and draw upon our significant experience in this field.

The session was well-received and showcased WKC’s commitment to knowledge sharing with clients, partner organisations and governmental bodies.  Our specialists are strongly engaged by opportunities to share insights and facilitate first-hand knowledge on their various areas of expertise within the extensive geographies we operate.

'Judging by the comments and questions coming from the floor it was spot on. I've received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees' - Training session organisers

Should you be interested in a knowledge share presentation from one of our subject specialists don’t hesitate to contact us at info@wkgroup.com.

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