Air & Steam Leaks can be found & fixed with this employee participation program



Like many large organizations, your company probably has massive piping systems to maintain. Inevitably, these systems spring leaks which lead to efficiency loss, high bills and potential safety issues. Whether these leaks are in steam, air or water pipes, or even in machinery, repairing just one of these energy leaks in a timely fashion could save your company thousands of dollars.

AwarenessIDEAS helps organizations address these issues with a Leak Tag Program that is designed to increase company-wide employee participation and lead to faster response and repair.

Program Overview
The implementation of a leak tag program acknowledges that it is not a question of if a leak will occur, but when and where. The point of the program is to identify the leaks and fix them as quickly as possible via a formal process. Untreated small leaks can turn into big problems.

Your maintenance team may already be working on repairing leaks. But while they are busy actually repairing a leak, they cannot inspect for new leaks. So the solution is not to get the maintenance staff to work longer hours or faster, but to encourage participation from all employees in identifying and tagging leaks. This allows the maintenance department to more quickly address leaks and start saving the company money.

The AwarenessIDEAS Leak Tag Program is a great way to track energy inefficiencies and to address leaks in a timely manner while the problem is minimal. The program has everything a plant engineering manager needs to stay on top of leaks. It provides tools to encourage employee participation and provides the working process for keeping track of leaks.

Our experience and client feedback has demonstrated that any initiative has a better chance of succeeding if there is an articulated plan that provides everyone with a goal and guide lines. A formal program like the AwarenessIDEAS Leak Tag Program demonstrates both.

Additionally, there must be commitment by each level of management. This is typically demonstrated by having management introduce the program to employees, assigning personnel to be accountable for the overall plan, and with scheduled follow up reporting on progress.

The Tools
Most people have pride in their organizations and want to do what is right for it. However, the goals of the organization are not always clear to employees, nor are their roles in helping to reach them. All involved parties need to know the goal and what is expected of them. The following tools can help convey those goals.

Information Boards
Information boards are the foundation of an effective leak program, providing credibility and presence. A leak tag information board formalizes and provides direction in the leak identification and repair process.

These strategically located boards have slots that hold changeable posters and information pages that convey facility goals. They have holders that contain the unused and returned leak tags, meaning anyone can quickly provide the specifics about a leak. They simply complete and turn the tag in at the slotted container on the leak tag board and continue on with their business, with the knowledge that it will be addressed. This leads to faster response times in addressing leaks, as well as a greater overall awareness on the team’s part to keep an eye out for these conditions.

One practical information page to include would show how many leaks were found during specified periods, how many were repaired and an approximate cost savings. This feedback is motivating to employees who see the difference their efforts are making.

Leak Tags
We offer several styles of leak tags. Each of these can be customized for the specific needs of a facility. Options include numbering; color; tag material (paper, cardstock, Tyvek); specific leak type (air, steam, water); perforated tear-off or carbon copy tags.

Additionally, our art department can work with you to create a completely custom tag for your unique needs.

Employee Awareness Media
While the information boards contain the details of the process, other media such as signs, posters and educational booklets support the boards by reminding people of the issue, as well as encouraging employee participation and the achievement of goals.

Employee Participation Motivators
Similar to the awareness media, inexpensive incentives such as travel mugs, key chains, t-shirts, caps, etc., remind and motivate employees to be part find and tag leaks process.

A contest is a good way to create buzz and excitement. People are more receptive when they are engaged. Example contests could include: guessing how many leaks there were repaired during a period; what the next months’ electricity or gas bill will be; or an energy quiz. Each contest promotes awareness and creates additional awareness.

Animated GIF
Facilities teams are using our free animated gifs (including the leak tag specific message) in their internal email signatures to spread environmental messages. They have noted many favorable comments, with some of their recipients wanting to use the “fun” and “cute” images.

Recognition Awards
Many companies provide awards for sales staff, but other employees, including the skilled trades professionals in maintenance, are almost never recognized. This is a missed opportunity. Studies have shown that recognition is a powerful motivator. Long after a cash award has been spent, a recognition award remains a visible source of pride for the recipient.

Awards can be produced for teams, departments, or individuals that stand out as high achievers.

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