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Air & Waste Management Association issues call for abstracts on vapor intrusion


The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) has issued a call for abstracts for its Vapor Intrusion conference, to be held Jan. 28-30, 2009, in San Diego, CA.

This specialty conference will bring together internationally recognized scientists, engineers, regulators, communications experts, and attorneys who have first-hand experience in evaluation and remediation.

A&WMA is seeking abstracts that demonstrate innovative, scientific approaches for investigation and remediation of the vapor intrusion pathway. Abstracts should reflect original work that has not previously been published or presented.

The following topics are candidates for platform presentations:
• Development and implementation of state and federal guidance documents
• Advancements in sampling and analytical methods
• Predictive modeling
• Litigation and other legal considerations
• Financial, insurance, and risk management considerations
• Toxicology and risk assessment
• Petroleum hydrocarbon site assessments
• Case Studies, including
• Dry cleaner sites

o Large TCE and other chlorinated solvent plumes
o Community outreach
o Advancements in discerning background contributions
o Control technologies and remediation
o Operation and maintenance of installed systems

The abstract deadline is May 16, 2008.

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