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Air & Waste Management Association Offers E-Course


Air & Waste Management Association Offers E-Course on Air Quality Requirements for Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers

Pittsburgh, PA (March 26, 2007) – The Air & Waste Management Association will offer its 6-week online course, “Boilers, Process Heaters and Air Quality Requirements,” beginning Monday, April 9, 2007.

The course focuses on air quality requirements involved in the design and operation of industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers and process heaters. Participants will explore affected boilers and process heaters, air quality requirements including SIP, PSD, NSR, NSPS, NESHAP, and MACT, emission limitations and work practice standards, measures to achieve compliance, monitoring procedures for determining initial and continuous compliance, and reporting and record keeping.

The curriculum is divided into nine modules: What are Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters?, Why air quality?, What pollutants are emitted by boilers, and how are these emissions controlled?, What laws are in effect?, What are the specific requirements?, What is compliance, and how is it known that a facility is in compliance?, What kind of monitoring is necessary?, What about this reporting and record keeping?, and What have we been talking about, and where can I go to get additional information?

“Boilers, Process Heaters and Air Quality Requirements” will be taught by Leo Stander, PE, BCEE, an environmental engineering consultant specializing in air quality strategy development, air pollution permitting, and training. Stander has over 35 years experience in the air pollution field, including over 22 years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.

For more information on “Boilers, Process Heaters and Air Quality Requirements,” including system requirements, registration and fee information, visit

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