Airflow Instruments Announces New Indoor Air Quality Meters


Source: TSI Incorporated

Airflow Instruments is pleased to introduce three new models of Indoor Air Quality meters designed for a wide range of applications including conducting IAQ evaluations, checking air changes, evaluating ventilation systems, thermal comfort studies and verifying percent of outside air. The model TH12 is a thermohygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity. The IAQ10 is a CO2 meter for ventilation assessment and process control. The IAQ50 is a versatile indoor air quality meter for temperature, humidity and CO2. All meters are lightweight, compact units capable of making quick, accurate measurements in real time. Data can be saved and statistics reviewed on the instruments. These IAQ meters expand Airflow Instruments wide range of leading instrumentation for HVAC assessment for comfort and health.

Airflow Instruments is celebrating 50 years of instrument innovation and recently became a part of TSI Incorporated whose headquarters is in Shoreview, Minnesota, USA.

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