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6 November 2013 -- A recent survey* of 200 UK businesses revealed that absenteeism and sickness are major issues affecting service delivery and customer satisfaction for 39% of those questioned so anyone with an environmental remit as part of their business operation should take note.

With pollution contributing to serious respiratory disorders such as asthma, and more than 30% of EU buildings reportedly suffering from Sick Building Syndrome, air quality is a major environmental concern throughout Europe. The cost of premature death, healthcare and medication requirements directly attributable to air pollution adds up to 1000 billion Euros per annum. So Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a cause for both commercial and government concern.

While the UK has no legislation requiring buildings to meet IAQ standards, there are UK-based companies using risk assessment methods to define, measure and improve indoor air quality based on recommendations set out in European legislation. This relies on periodic audits being made by accredited field engineers where IAQ is measured over a period of time, analysed and interpreted. But this process is both time-consuming and, by its very nature, open to interpretation.

Seeing an amazing opportunity to streamline this process, a team of European R&D professionals are developing AIRLOG, an intelligent, web-based framework to assist environmental companies and field engineers simplify the IAQ audit process.

The proposed platform will facilitate a more fluid interaction with HVAC, Green Building and Workplace Health Protection experts in the development of preventive and corrective actions, along with an improved flow of information to the building’s stakeholders. This will lead to improved IAQ control and healthier conditions for building occupants, as well as quicker timeframes and, ultimately, reduced costs for all parties.

Where once IAQ was the domain of the IAQ professional, AIRLOG will open the audit process up to other businesses looking to expand their range of environmental services.

Launching in July 2014, interested parties should register for news and updates via AIRLOG’s website, facebook page or Twitter feed @IAQairlog

*Redshift Research for Cognito, March 2013

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