Airmodus A20 Butanol Condensation Particle Counter


Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

The Airmodus A20 is well suited for atmospheric measurement, laboratory studies, air quality monitoring, industrial applications, etc. It can also meet the EURO-5 standards in automotive industry.

Main Benefits:

  • Measurement range 7 – 1000 nm (50% cut-off size at 7 nm)
  • Aerosol flow rate 1 litres per minute
  • Uses n-butanol as working fluid
  • Single particle counting capability reaches tens of thousands / cc.
  • USB, ethernet and RS-232 serial connections
  • Real-time user adjustable concentration display
  • All setting can be modified from easy-to-use touch screen
  • Programmable voltage output
  • Prepared to meet EURO-5 standards
  • CE and ROHS certified

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