airmoTWA: New Expert System for GC-FID/MS


Source: Chromatotec Group

Chromatotec® has developed the first TRAP-GC-FID/MS designed for continuous monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), inorganic molecules and permanent gases. In addition to the mass spectrometer (MS), this system encompasses the same trap, thermo desorption and separation technologies as airmoVOC analyzers (current mCERTS approved GCs analyzers).

For VOCs analysis, the Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and the MS are identifying and quantifying molecules at the same time allowing complete certainty of compounds being analyzed : precise quantification is carried out by the FID while the mass spectrometer verifies the compound identification (using Chromatotec’s library).

In the Figure 1, the Benzene concentrations measured by the MS and the FID are displayed. The concentrations measured by FID and MS are very close (0.06 ppb mean difference between both detectors). 

In case of saturation of the FID signal, the MS is used for quantification of VOCs. The system can quantify and identify VOCs from ppt to % levels. Also for permanent gases (O2, N2, CO2, Ar, He…) and inorganic molecules, the mass spectrometer is used for quantification and identification. With this system, trends of VOCs, halogenated compounds and permanent gas concentrations are automatically generated.

Thanks to our software Vistachrom, all data are time stamped and recorded on an industrial computer. The gas generators (H2 and air) allow the analyzer to be completely autonomous and can be remote controlled using internet connection. A calibration system installed in the analyzers allows automatic calibration of both FID and MS.

This system has proven its value in process surveillance and optimization. It allows non-specialized people to access high level of analytical information. Moreover the system is cost effective and mCERTs approved to work 24h/7 for more than 3 months without operator maintenance.

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