Airplus has launched its new product: Axial Jet Fan


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AIRPLUS has launched its new product: Axial Jet Fan. Specifications of one of the models of new AIRPLUS Axial Jet Fan which was launched at ISK-SODEX Exhibition: AP-AJF-400-2/4 are as follows:

Usage for smoke evacuation in case of fire and daily ventilation. It provides a safest way to remove smoke and high temperatures under control in case of fire (Ventilation at low speeds, smoke evacuation at high speeds).

Jet fans occupy much less space compared to conventional ducted ventilation system therefore they cause more empty space (duct system is not necessary) and allow more efficient air circulation. They need relatively lower ceiling height, therefore they cause more parking space for the same number of floors at carparks.

CFD analysis of ventilation and fire scenarios can be done with virtual testing, the calculation check can be made prior to proceeding the application.

Thanks to its special 3-piece design, mounting can be made easier and can be done in less time. Muffler sections are connected with a hinged system, service can be given to motor and fan without disassembling the muffler. Patented Galvanized Steel Frame Design allows installation of the muffler and motor separately. Since there is no need for an additional system, during the application it can be installed independently of the other plumbing works.

Pressure loss occurring in the channel system during air movement does not occur. Accordingly, the required electrical power is lower.
The system is controlled by full automation. CO and smoke sensors allows energy saving by running jet fans in the required fields in the parking lot.

Thanks to patented aerodynamic blade design, high thrust and low noise level is achieved. More space for muffler and low noise level is achieved by patented body structure design.

EN 60045-5 / IEC 85 compatible H insulation IP55 motor.
Maintenance Switch (Standard), Guiding Wings (optional)

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