Akzo Nobel’s MPP Systems wins landmark contract

Arnhem, the Netherlands, September 6, 2005 - Akzo Nobel’s MPP Systems business has secured a landmark deal for the supply of water purification units to the German Lausitz and Central German Mining Administration Company (LMBV).

The milestone contract involves supplying Chemie Park Schwarze Pumpe – located South East of Berlin – with five Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) purification units for groundwater remediation.

“I am very pleased with this agreement as it not only represents MPP Systems’ entry into the very demanding groundwater remediation market, but it also is our biggest deal to date,” said Dick Meijer, General Manager of MPP Systems. “Compared with traditional technologies, we are highly competitive and we will continue to prove that the MPPE technology is the best available separation technology in water treatment.”

Having beaten off stiff competition, Akzo Nobel’s MPPE technology will play an essential role in the clean-up of Chemie Park Schwarze Pumpe, which is part of the systematic rehabilitation of the decommissioned lignite mining operations in the former East Germany. The groundwater below the former industrial area has become contaminated and contains high concentrations of various toxic compounds, such as benzene, hence the need for remedation work to take place.

“By using the MPPE technology, it means the groundwater will maintain its original nature when it is treated,” commented Jan Masnica, Project Manager of LMBV. “Only extraction of the poisonous organics takes place and the remaining water environment remains unchanged. This aspect, and the fact that very low effluent levels can be reached, makes the MPPE technology ideal as it enables reinfiltration of the groundwater when it is treated.” The German authorities have made funds available for the rededication of the decommissioned mining sites, which have been earmarked for industrial and commercial use.

MPP Systems – which recently won a contract to supply the Ormen Lange gas field project in the Norwegian Sea – has extensive expertise in the development, marketing and servicing of separation systems for water streams.

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