Alberta Remote sensing company to test breakthrough technology



Synodon Inc., ( an Alberta-based advanced remote sensing technology company, recently announced a contract award valued at $350,000 from the Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP).

Through this contract, Public Works and Government Services Canada will procure remote sensing survey services to detect and measure naturally occurring methane seeps in the Canadian Arctic.

The research of these seeps is difficult, requiring costly field campaigns with scientists working on foot and covering small areas. Until now, there were no remote sensing technologies that would allow for large area gas monitoring or surveillance in the Arctic.

The Company has developed a platform technology called RealSens, capable of measuring small ground-level gas concentrations from an aircraft flying up to 300 meters in altitude.

The underlying technology was developed and proven out under Canada's Space Program by the University of Toronto and Canadian Space Agency and then further refined by Synodon scientists. Synodon currently has patents pending in US, Canada and Europe.

The company provides a full service gas emissions monitoring and quantification service to a variety of industries, including hydrocarbon (oil and gas), environmental, agricultural and for a variety of gases including methane, ethane and ammonia.

Most importantly, the Synodon technology enables testing of natural gas leaks in pipelines, plants and other sites in a manner that is cost effective and faster than competing technologies.

There is huge market potential for this technology. There are over 1 million kilometres of gas pipelines in North America alone that can be tested using Synodon's technology.

The market for detection of the hydro carbon emissions for the oil and gas industry estimated at $1.6 billion annually. Within this broader market, the underground gas leak detection market worldwide estimated at over $300 million worldwide.

With over 2.5 million gas leaks reported every year, there is a huge recurring revenue opportunity for the company. As well, Synodon has a strategic partnership with TransCanada Pipelines that has 8% of all gas transmission market in North America.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear Synodon is an innovator to watch.

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