Alberta shows how industrial parks can fight climate change



The Town of Hinton, Alberta has announced ground breaking for a new Infrastructure Services Building (ISB) to be built at Innovista, a green Eco-Industrial park located in Hinton.

The building, which is being built to a LEEDTM SILVER rating, will save 8.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and will consume 30% less water and generate 75% less construction waste. Hinton is one of the first communities in Canada to have initiated a greenfield eco-industrial park.

The ISB will be the new home of the Town’s public works, parks, and building maintenance departments. It is the third project in a series of environmentally innovative public buildings that includes the town’s Government Centre and a new Protective Services Building.  By being the anchor tenant in the eco-industrial park, the Town is further demonstrating leadership in implementing green initiatives.

One of the primary features of the building will be a solar hot water system. The system will use solar panels to pre-heat water for domestic use, pressure washing and the in-floor radiant heating system. Overall the solar thermal system will provide approximately 30 per cent of energy needed for the hot water systems mentioned above. The system is expected to generate annually 150 GJ of energy. 

The Town has partnered with ATCO Gas who will install the solar hot water system.  ATCO Gas will own this renewable energy system and be responsible for maintaining and servicing the system to ensure it is functioning at the highest standard. 

The Town will not be incurring any additional capital cost to have this green technology incorporated into the building. 'We are extremely pleased to be a partner in this pilot project,' said Brian Hahn, President of ATCO Gas. 'We are pursuing renewable and alternative energy technology solutions for Albertans and this pilot project will help lay the foundation for future initiatives.'

Mayor Glenn Taylor sees the benefits extending further. 'Hinton will be able to not only show positive steps towards fighting climate change but also use the system as a platform to other customers.'  This project exemplifies how partnership and collaboration enables the Town to go over and above its social, economic and environmental responsibilities as well as providing an opportunity to test innovative technology.

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