Alcoa Canada presents its Outlook on Sustainability 2010



The accomplishments of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products (GPP Canada) and its employees in the area of sustainability are once again in the spotlight this year with the launch of the 2010 edition of the annual report Outlook on Sustainability.

The report sets out the results and achievements of the company in Québec with regard to governance, the environment, health and safety, human resources, community, and economic development.

Outlook on Sustainability 2010 is only available online through the home page of Alcoa Canada's website at

The report reaffirms GPP Canada's will to pursue its sustainable actions to benefit its host communities and the entire province of Québec.

'In 2010, GPP Canada reached new milestones in its dedicated and determined progression towards sustainability,' declared Pierre Morin, President of GPP Canada.


  • The company presents an annual report of its accomplishments and reaffirms its commitment to tie down its activities to the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental performance, development of employees and communities, and contribution to economic activity.
  • Success in the areas of energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, commitment of employees toward the communities, as well as increased support for suppliers, are among the initiatives to be underlined in 2010.

Mr. Morin also drew attention to the external honors received by GPP Canada plants and its employees over the last few months and rewarding energy efficiency efforts, including Energy Savers' Circle awards from Hydro-Québec and two Énergia 2010 awards granted by the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l'énergie (AQME).

The following are some of the main accomplishments for the year 2010.


  • Energy efficiency gains of 91 GWh in our Québec plants in 2010, bringing our total cumulative energy gains to more than 600 GWh over the last four years, the equivalent of the annual consumption of a town like Saint-Jérôme, in the Laurentians;
  • A better recycling rate for spent pot lining, which increased in 2010 to more than 85% compared to 33% in 2009;
  • A reduction of 9% of our greenhouse gas emissions between 2009 and 2010, topping a drop of more than 31% of these emissions since 2001.


  • An employee engagement rate that ranks among the highest in the Alcoa network and above the Kenexa benchmark index for the manufacturing sector;
  • The participation of 57% of our employees in Alcoa's Worldwide Month of Service in 2010, a record participation rate that positions GPP Canada in the top group of countries where Alcoa's operations are implemented on the planet;
  • A record 31 ACTION* projects completed in 2010 for the benefit of non-profit organizations in the communities where GPP Canada's facilities are present.

Economic development

  • Financial and technical support provided to the NSERC/Alcoa Industrial Research Chair on Energy Efficiency and the Advanced Modeling of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells, with a view to decreasing the quantity of electricity used to produce aluminum, and reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Support for Alcoa's 1,200 suppliers and partners in the province, namely through the development of a pilot project designed to evaluate their sustainable practices, and the participation of Alcoa's suppliers in the BNQ 21000 project of the Ministère du Développement économique, de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation.

Since it is expected that the global demand for aluminum will double by 2020, the aluminum industry must continue to play a leading role in the upgrade and development of sustainable practices in its operations. For this reason, the GPP Canada employees are already actively moving forward to secure the company's ambitious objectives for 2011 through sustainable actions, day after day.

ACTION-for Alcoans Coming Together In Our Neighborhoods-programs recognize the work of employees who join efforts to accomplish projects directly in their community. Non-profit organizations not only benefit from the work of the volunteers, they also receive a financial contribution of $3,000 from Alcoa.

In Québec, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products (GPP Canada) is comprised of the Bécancour (ABI), Baie-Comeau and Deschambault smelters, as well as the Bécancour Rod Plant. These four plants have an annual production capacity of almost one million metric tons of ingots, castings, billets and aluminum rods. GPP Canada counts roughly 3,200 employees and its activities generate more than $1.2 billion in economic spin-offs annually in Québec. Further information is available at

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