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Alcoa Launches Aluminum Can Recycling App for iPhone


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Free Download Helps Consumers Find Recycling Centers, Track Results and “Aluminate™” Photos

PITTSBURGH - Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today the launch of a free, user-friendly iPhone application compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that will make it fun and easy for consumers to recycle aluminum cans. The new app – called AluminateTM – will help consumers find recycling centers, track how many aluminum cans they recycle, and calculate the cash they can earn as they help protect the environment through recycling aluminum cans.

Alcoa’s AluminateTM recycling app has several unique features that allow users to make the most of their recycling efforts. It allows them to:

  • Keep track of individual and team recycling efforts – making it a great way to start a recycling drive with others,
  • Calculate the cash they can earn based on the amount of aluminum cans (used beverage, food and pet food cans) recycled,
  • Locate a recycling center,
  • Share their results with others on Facebook or by email,
  • “Aluminate” their picture and post online,
  • Watch videos and read fun facts about how recycling aluminum can help save energy and protect the environment.

“This app is the most comprehensive available for anyone who wants to recycle aluminum cans. It’s a cool way to keep track of the cans you recycle and the cash you’re earning while you take positive steps to protect the environment,” said Beth Schmitt, Director of Recycling for Alcoa. “It’s great for organizations that want to create a recycling campaign and to encourage others to join their efforts.”

The Aluminate app is a perfect addition to the other educational tools and actions Alcoa is undertaking to boost recycling rates. Alcoa and the Aluminum Association have a goal of increasing the recycling rate of aluminum cans in the U.S. to 75% by the year 2015. According to Schmitt, if every American recycled just one more can per week, that goal could be reached.

Alcoa’s Aluminate recycling app is available for download by visiting the Apple App Store and searching keyword “Aluminate.” More information also can be found on

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