ALcontrol Installs Sample Planning and Scheduling Software


Source: Trilogy Group Limited

ALcontrol are presently installing TAPS software from Trilogy Business Systems to organise their field sampling and monitoring programmes.  The software will ensure all samples are taken on time, spot missing bottles and allow instant re-scheduling if there is a failure to collect.

The efficiency savings expected include optimisation of collection traveling times, printing of field round sheets, printing chain of custody paperwork, electronic pre-registration of all samples to the laboratory and detailed customer reports upon demand on the current status of their job.

The system will provide a full digital chain of custody from planning to the reporting of results.

The system will also allow ALControl’s clients to automate the registration of samples with ALcontrol’s laboratories, automate accurate bottle requests in advance and electronically load ALcontrol's latest suites of determinands from Excel so you can calculate the cost of tests in advance.

The software is available as a simple desktop application for a single environmental scientist or a networked system for a team of samplers.

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