Algae Control Technology Receives NSF Certification


Source: SonicSolutions Algae Control

Safe, Chemical-Free, Algae Control System Is Now Certified For Use in Reservoirs and Potable Water Systems

SonicSolutions® has received NSF certification for the SS-400, SS-500, and SS-600 models of their chemical-free algae control device. This state-of-the-art technology safely controls algae without damaging other aquatic life by producing ultrasonic waves that disrupt the growth and spread of algae colonies. SonicSolutions® reduces PH and TSS and has been proved effective in reservoirs, ponds, lakes, lagoons, tanks, and many other personal or commercial water management applications.

'SonicSolutions has obtained NSF Certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 demonstrating that it will not add harmful levels of metals or other contaminants to drinking water,' said Dave Purkiss, General Manager of the Water Treatment & Distribution Systems Program at NSF.

NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization concerned with public health, safety, and protection of the environment. They stringently research, test, and certify food, water and consumer goods for the public.

“Algae is a major problem in many reservoir and drinking water systems and the NSF certification will provide water systems operators with a chemical-free solution for their algae problems,” said Kirk Whatley, National Sales Manager for SonicSolutions®. “This NSF certification is part of our ongoing product safety program, which includes a UL® approved power supply and a safe product design that only uses 24 volts underwater.”

Floating just beneath the surface, SonicSolutions® is easy to use, operating 24-hours a day and providing up to 3 acres of coverage per unit. All SonicSolutions® models use less than 45 watts of power and are also available in 110(US), EU, UK , and 24 volt versions. SonicSolutions® offers a complete solar power system including solar panels, brackets and batteries to hook up to any of the 24 volt models.

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