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Algae: the new oil


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I. Introduction

A) Framing the Problem as an Opportunity

RFS goals can not be met with soy and corn alone
- there is not enough corn and soy in the US to meet RFS goals
- current feedstocks soy, palm, canola, etc are in short supply and are too expensive for biodiesel producers
- the biofuels industry is at a critical point where alternatives such as algae are needed

B) The Opportunity: Algae

- Algae can meet the needs of the RFS goals by providing higher yield, year round,
multiple products such as biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, etc
- Algae meets sustainability criteria
- Algae is a non-food feedstock
- Algae does not challenge the rainforest
- Algae is not subject to volatility in the food commodities markets compared to soy, corn

C) The Challenge: Commercializing Algae

- R&D is needed in laboratories to identify the right species of algae for production, including species with high oil content, and tolerance to variances in light, temperature, environments
- Problem: There is a disconnect between R&D labs, photobioreactor manufacturers and biofuels producers
- Opportunity: the NAA wants to connect R&D labs, photobioreactor producers and biofuels producers to collaborate and accelerate the innovation and maturation of the market sooner than later
- The NAA is committed to this endeavor.

II. Researchers - Presentations - 1.5 hrs.

- Algae specimens with highest oil content
- Lighting
- Water
- Co2
- Nutrients
- Collaboration with other researchers and algae developers

III. Business Roundtable - Discussion 'The Need For Us To Work Together' - 2.0 hrs.

- Feedstock specimens
- Operations - Raceway Ponds, (PBR) Closed Loop Systems
- Ponds Vs Closed Loop
- Materials for construction
- Sizing
- Temperature Control
- Flow Control
- Gas introduction
- Nutrients
- Pumps
- Sunlight Filtering
- Oxygen control
- Process management
- De-watering
- Oil recovery
- Storage concerns.
- Shipping approaches

IV. New Business Development Opportunities - Algae Oil, Algae Cake

V. Equipment Options

- De-watering Equipment
- Centrifuge vs Screening
- Flocculation systems
- Process control systems
- Sizing
- Operational Training

VI. Financing Alternative


VII. Solutions - From researcher, operations, equipment, financing groups

VIII. Algae Production Presentations 2.0 hrs

IX. Business Networking



X. Networking Breakfast

XI. Board Meeting

*If you are planning to attend our July 17th meeting, we are filling up fast. Please send in your registration form along with your check to confim your reservation.

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