All in the family at Thyssen Mining


Source: Intelex Technologies Inc.

Intelex’s own Steph DiRaddo dropped by the head offices of Thyssen Mining (TMCC) in Regina, Saskatchewan last week, and she was blown away by the hospitality of the Thyssen “family”.

“It was incredible to see how welcoming the folks at Thyssen Mining are, and how tightly-knit a family environment they have created,” Steph remarked on her return. “We had dinner at a local restaurant that the Thyssen employees frequent, and they really made me feel like one of the family! I can’t wait to go back!”

As a member of Intelex’s training team, Steph visited TMCC to work with their safety team and train end users in advance of their go-live date in October. Thyssen is a leading mining contractor in the US and Canada and a world leader in shaft sinking.

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