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The management of monitoring of equipment is increasingly done remotely at a (considerable) distance. Configuration, reading and, if necessary, taking action on data received from a remote location of one’s choice are possibilities that are nowadays standard requirements.

You can do a lot more than just measure with the e-SENSE® telemetry measuring system, where measurement data is collected by intelligent sensors such as the e+ sensors® or the Diver®. Intelligent sensors independently measure data in the field and save them internally. Your measurements or alarm signals are sent to a database in your own PC (e-SENSE direct) via the connection with the e-SENSE field modem.

e-SENSE direct
e-SENSE direct is easy to install (Plug & Play), to manage and to maintain. With e-SENSE direct, you can manage and communicate with your sensors from your PC. You have an overview over the whole installation and you can change all the settings. This allows you to operate the system optimally with respect to response speed, data traffic costs and the use of batteries. The measurements can be imported into the Logger Data Manager (LDM) e+ software, after which they can be processed, e.g. into graphical representations and reports. You can also export the data to your own personal database.

e-SENSE direct Open Interface as option
By using a modern standardised SQL database system, e-SENSE direct gets an Open Interface that ensures that the system can be linked easily and cheaply with standard components to other software systems such as SCADA. In this way, SCADA systems can use all the unique facilities of e-SENSE direct such as Plug & Play when changing configurations in the field. In addition, there is also the option of activating the e-SENSE direct user interface for specific functions that one does not wish to integrate into the SCADA systems.

Available sensors:
• The e+ SOIL MCT®-sensor/logger measures soil moisture, conductivity and temperature. Available in various lengths for measurements from the surface to a depth of 1 m.
• Two e+ RAIN® sensors / loggers are available: one with a synthetic and one with a metal rain gauge. The e+ RAIN sensors measure the intensity of the rainfall over certain periods but also record the total quantities (integration function).
• The e+WATER L® (level)-sensor is an intelligent and accurate sensor for measuring and recording the level and the temperature of the surface water. The level measurements are automatically (internally) compensated for variations in the air pressure and for variations in the density that is the result of temperature fluctuations. The sensor is freeze proof and can be used without problems in all seasons. The e+ WATER L is available in various lengths (for water level fluctuations of maximum 2 metres).
• The e+ OVERFLOW® sensor is an intelligent and accurate sensor for measuring and registering sewer overflows (how often and for how long do overflows occur). The level measurements are automatically compensated internally for air pressure variations and density variations of water due to temperature.
• All members of the Diver family can be used as e+ sensors in the e-SENSE system. The Diver is the smallest device in the world for automatically measuring and recording groundwater levels and groundwater temperatures. The CTD-Diver also measures conductivity of the water.

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