All New Electrochemical Detector


Source: Cecil Instruments Limited

This detector may be used in three modes, DC, scanning DC and pulsed amperometric.

The latest innovation to the Cecil Instruments high specification, robust, reliable, modular, liquid chromatography instrumentation, has come in the form of the fully redesigned electrochemical detector.

This detector may be added to Cecil Instruments’ modular Adept and Q-Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography systems.  The detector may also be used with third party liquid chromatography systems, control is through the detector’s stand-alone control keys.

The Cecil Instruments’ electrochemical detector may be used in three modes, DC, scanning DC and pulsed amperometric.  It may also be used in series with other detectors, such as the Cecil WaveQuest ultra fast scanning UV/Visible detector.  Gold, glassy carbon, silver and platinum working electrodes may be used, together with a choice of reference electrodes. 

Sensitivities of 10 –15 mol are achievable with ease and simplicity.  So trace level detection of many residues, environmental contaminants, poisons, residual drugs, paint traces, metabolites and pesticide residues etc., is easily achievable.

The use of the electrochemical detector with the intuitive PowerStream chromatography software, provides for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

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