All recycled rubber boot


Raven Tactical Wear launches the first rubber boot made entirely of recycled rubber cuts

Rubber boots – once relegated to the barn or garden – are in fashion from the runway to main street. Bright colors, perky plaids, whimisical patterns or themed logos have changed the practical, sensible rubber boot.

Taking it up a notch, UK-based Raven Tactical Wear Ltd., added the newest dimension - a totally recycled rubber boot.

Raven´s rubber boot is made entirely of recycled textile made from recycled plastic bottles.

The boots are available in yellow, green, red and navy. To achieve this color palette, Raven mixest he base color with streaks of recycled rubber cuts giving the boot a unique look. The result is no two pairs are identical.

Two types of lining are available. For summer, Raven´s recycled rubber boot is lined with Nature-Tex, the company´s own brand of lining fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. According to the manufacturer, the Nature-Tex linig provides a cool, dry boot interior able to withstand hot summer weather.

For the winter, the boot can be lined with real sheep skin giving wearers a natural, luxurious warm boot. The recycled rubber boot is the latest addition to Raven´s line of footwear and clothing for specialist markets.

The fully waterproof boots are being marketed as part of Raven´s Outdoor footwear line and benefits from all the research that went into Raven´s flagship line of military and tactical footwear, according to the company.

Raven´s Military and Tactial footwear, launches last year, incorporates environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, the company´s literature states.

One of the key features of Raven´s Tactical and Military footwear is the use of crumb rubber derived from scrap tires in the outsoles, midsoles and foodbed of the shoes and boots in the line.

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