Allianz Madvac Inc.

Allianz Madvac Inc.

Allianz’s New Warranty Shakes the Sweeper Industry


Source: Allianz Madvac Inc.

Allianz has recently re-vamped the warranty policy for its line of vacuum and regenerative air sweepers. The new changes are designed to ensure the customer receives “A Lifetime of Satisfaction” when certain requirements are specified in the sweeper bid specification.

A first in the industry, this groundbreaking policy offers the original purchaser a free lifetime warranty against rust perforation and corrosion perforation on the debris hoppers and water tanks for sweeper models 605, 610, 705 and 770, with no ‘pro-rating’ or hour limitations. In addition, on these vehicles’ water tanks, Allianz offers a free lifetime guarantee against cracking, warping, melting and U.V. damage, if specified in the customer’s bid.

Raising the competition bar to a new height, Allianz is also offering a free five-year warranty on the blower fan drive system—the fluid coupling and step-up gear-box, clutches, belts, pulleys and bearings. Again, if specified in the customer’s bid.

Only Allianz offers warranties like these. When customers include these kinds of requirements in their bid specs, interested sweeper manufacturers must comply if they want to sell their products. It’s a win-win situation for customers who, for far too long, have been unable to get warranties of more than one year.

Parts – 48 hours or free!

Earlier this year, Allianz Sweeper Company re-introduced its “48 hours or free” spare parts policy. Allianz guarantees to ship parts to authorized dealers within 48 hours of receiving the order or the parts will be given to the customer, free of charge. To qualify, parts must be ordered under the “Parts Shipment Guarantee.”

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