Allweiler pumps now with “life insurance”



Allweiler AG now offers additional protection for the longevity of its pumps: “Allready Box”, a new electronic module that continuously monitors a pump’s operational state. In the event of operational deviations or disturbances, Allready immediately emits a warning. In urgent cases it triggers an alarm and even has the ability to switch the pump off in hazardous conditions and switch over to a secondary unit. This monitoring device can be mounted on new pumps or retrofitted to existing pumps at any time. Early customers will receive Allready Box, including on-site installation, at a special discounted price.

Plant operators recognize pumps as the heart of their systems and place a correspondingly high value on them. To help preserve this value, Allweiler has collaborated with its customers to develop a new series of modules that ultimately increase value and lower costs. These developments meet the needs of our times.

Allready Box is one of the new tools. It is an electronic monitoring system that protects pumps from sudden disturbances, damage, or even complete loss. This is how it works: One sensor measures the liquid level in a leak can below the shaft seal. A second sensor monitors the temperature at the bearing bracket. If the liquid level in the leak can rises above the first mark, Allready Box will trigger an optical warning. An optical warning is also triggered if the bearing temperature reaches an initial temperature threshold. If the liquid level or bearing temperature continues to climb and exceeds a second limit value, Allready Box will trigger an alarm. Depending on the customer’s configuration, this will cause the pump to shut down and switch to a reserve pump. Preset limit values can be individually adjusted to prevailing conditions.

Signals can also be forwarded to external displays and integrated into the customer’s structures, such as an existing control center. A plain-language display provides continuous updates on the current operational status and allows the user to query the fault history.

Pump operators who use Allready Box will stay informed at all times about the operational status of their pumps’ most important mechanical components. This gives them the ability to detect disturbances and deviations before they result in serious damage. Allready Box gives pump operators the ability to plan maintenance for the most optimal times in consideration of production cycles and overall system demands. Dr. Michael Matros, Chairman of Allweiler AG, explains: “Allready Box is our response to our customers’ need for a new tool that immediately creates additional value for pump operators and their pumps - the heart of the plant.'Allready Box can be mounted on new pumps or easily retrofitted to existing pumps at any time.

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