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ALPHA M.O.S honored with innovation award for eco-business in air and odor monitoring from French government through electronic nose systems

Source: Alpha MOS Environment

Toulouse -- Alpha M.O.S, world leader in electronic noses and tongues for industrial applications in food quality and safety, and air quality monitoring, received from the hands of Mrs. Delphine Batho, French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the innovation award for its RQ Box products at the 4'1 French Forum of Eco-lndustries.


Opened by Mr. Arnaud Montebourg, French Industry Minister and Mr. Andreini, President of PEXE, this forum is organized by the PEXE, the association of French eco-industries. This association brings together nearly 5,000 companies, i.e. half of the sector in France. The PEXE's objective is to create a powerful network of excellence in the field of eco-activities.

Like a hundred other companies, Alpha M.O.S presented its latest industrial innovations to a large number of buyers: environmental services companies, governmental and regional agencies, municipalities.


The RQ BOX electronic noses allow to continuously track odors and chemicals from industrial sites: waste storage and recovery plants, composting plants, WWTPs, rendering plants.

These instruments combine different gas sensor technologies and artificial intelligence. Associated with dispersion software, they measure odors, locate their source and predict in real-time the impact of odor nuisances in the vicinity of sites.

When they directly control odor treatment processes, these instruments save water, energy and chemicals.

For indoor air quality monitoring, the RQ Box Energy Saver optimizes the operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, reducing the energy bill and carbon footprint.

In the laboratory, the Heracles analyzer, based on ultra-fast gas chromatography, combines odor and gas analysis.

Alpha M.O.S has also briefly introduced the next generation of localized environmental measurements for indoor and outdoor air monitoring with miniaturized electronic nose technology.