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ALS acquires Advanced Inspection Technologies


On 4 October 2013, ALS acquired a majority share of Advanced Inspection Technologies LLC (AIT).  AIT is based in Houston, Texas and conducts advanced non-destructive testing and consulting services globally.  AIT will form part of the ALS Industrial Division and the Asset Care business which provides reliability and integrity engineering services to industrial clients.

Operating since 2004, AIT specializes in the delivery of critical Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and consulting, typically required at the time of fabrication or construction, for high fatigue applications including oil & gas, power generation and nuclear. AIT is recognized as a technical leader globally in the provision of advanced NDT services in the fields of automated ultrasonic testing, computed radiography and digital radiography.

The acquisition of AIT provides ALS with significant technical expertise that will provide new opportunities with existing ALS clients and access to new market sectors. The combination of AIT expertise and specialist equipment and ALS personnel and global footprint positions ALS to significantly grow the business over the coming years.

The AIT acquisition represents the first expansion of the ALS Asset Care business into the North American market. The business will be managed by Jim Halley and Michael Beard, the previous majority shareholders of AIT. This acquisition brings total ALS staff in North America to approximately 2,900 and total Industrial Division staff to 1,000.  We look forward to working with AIT staff to service industrial clients globally.

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