ALS Global (Australian Laboratory Services)

ALS Global (Australian Laboratory Services)

ALS Geochemistry and PANalytical NIR


PANalytical NIR (formerly ASD Inc.) and ALS have announced that ALS geochemical data management system CoreViewer™ will incorporate near infrared (NIR) mineralogy data collected from PANalytical’s TerraSpec® 4 to provide customers with greater comprehensive visual representation of their data.

Spectral mineralogy has long provided great benefits to mine operators for both mining exploration and production projects as thousands of spectra are often collected for each project. In addition to the spectral mineralogy, a plethora of additional data that is collected by geologists for projects can make the correlation, management and presentation of that data overwhelming and, at times, problematic. The goal of this partnership is to provide seamless information flow from the collection and interpretation of the spectra, through integration with other geologic data and presenting it on the web for collaborative decision making.

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