Altairnano to Lease New ALTI-ESS Advantage(TM) 1.8 Mega-Watt System for U.S. Frequency Regulation Project


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RENO, NV -- (Marketwire) -- 06/02/11 -- Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (Altairnano) (NASDAQ: ALTI), today announced it has been awarded a 3-year lease for its new ALTI-ESS Advantage 1.8 MW/ 300 kWh energy storage system.

The system will be leased by Energy Storage Holdings, LLC, a unit of a major U.S.-based energy company. The project, to be initially located in New Jersey, will evaluate energy storage technology for large-scale frequency regulation projects, and is expected to be installed in late 2011.

This project marks the debut of the ALTI-ESS Advantage, a 1.8 MW system targeted toward frequency regulation and fast-response applications demanding high power. The first major product release since the launch of the ALTI-ESS, the Advantage system packs more power while reducing the overall footprint of the installation, and reducing the delivered cost per kilowatt. The ALTI-ESS and ALTI-ESS Advantage will both be offered for the electric grid market based upon application requirements.

'We have understood for some time that the lithium-titanate chemistry and the design of our battery cells have far greater fast charge and discharge capabilities than demonstrated to date,' said Terry Copeland, Altairnano president and chief executive officer. 'Based upon our commercial experience in these markets, and the outstanding results of the ALTI-ESS, we are confident in raising the bar to this new level of performance.'

The ALTI-ESS has more than 2 years of commercial operation providing frequency regulation in the United States while demonstrating excellent reliability and uptime. Measurements taken at the time of installation, end of year one and end of year two, validated that the battery performance is consistent with the expected life of more than 20 years in this duty cycle.

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