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Alter NRG Corp. recently announces that it has signed a contract to deliver three of its Marc 11 Westinghouse Plasma torch systems for approximately USD$1.9 million.

The torches are expected to begin assembly in the second quarter with final delivery in the fourth quarter of 2011. The same customer ordered three torches in 2010, and is now ordering additional torches for their industrial application.

Westinghouse Plasma Corporation ('Westinghouse Plasma'), a wholly owned subsidiary of Alter NRG, has sold plasma torch systems for more than 20 years as a clean and efficient source of intense heat.

Last month Alter Nrg Corp. entered into a technology license agreement with Princeton, New Jersey based NRG Energy, Inc., ('NRG'), a corporation.

Under the terms of the License Agreement, Alter Nrg granted NRG a five year exclusive license to use the Westinghouse Plasma Corporation ('WPC') proprietary gasification technology in the United States, primarily to produce electric power using coal and certain other feedstocks  

With rising metallurgical coal and oil prices as well as more stringent carbon policies, companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprint with alternatives like the plasma torches.

Westinghouse Plasma torches produce intense heat that can be greater than 5000 degrees Celsius and have very low carbon emissions. Westinghouse Plasma has sold torches since the 1980's for metals recycling, testing programs, mining and smelting, waste destruction and other industrial applications.

Mark Montemurro, CEO of Alter NRG believes that 'the plasma torch market is a promising opportunity for our Company as customers look to reduce their cost structure and carbon footprint. The plasma torch sales have a much shorter sales cycle without the regulatory hurdles of a full energy facility, as well as being a mature product offering with significant commercial history.'

'We are currently in discussions with several large metallurgical recyclers, steel producers and other industrial companies regarding plasma torch systems effectiveness for their industrial application,' he added.

Alter NRG is pursuing alternative energy solutions to meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible energy in world markets.

The Company's vision is to commercialize growth technologies through environmentally sustainable and economically viable alternative energy projects. The Company's objectives are twofold;

First, is to further commercialize the Westinghouse Plasma Gasification Technology, through a wholly owned subsidiary, to provide renewable and clean energy solutions from a wide variety of feedstocks, and providing a wide variety of energy outputs - including liquid fuels like ethanol and diesel, electrical power, and syngas;

Second, to capitalize on the rapidly growing geoexchange residential and commercial heating and cooling market through a wholly owned subsidiary CleanEnergy that enables consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the cost and volatility of energy bills using the energy from the earth.

Any technology that helps reduce the carbon footprint of energy projects bear watching and Alter NRG is an innovator to watch.

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