Alternative Feedstocks for Chemicals and Fuels (Technical Insights)

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The current oil price is over $100 a barrel and clearly, the higher the price of oil goes, the more organizations have incentives to go and find alternatives. This study examines alternative methods that may be useful in augmenting oil and gas production due to the cost of producing traditional feedstocks, and certain improvements in the alternative feedstock technologies and thus economics. Along with this, it analyses the current and future technological trends and their estimated effects. The research service covers a detailed stakeholder activities, technology opportunities and roadmap for emerging alternatives.

Table of Contents 

1. Executive Summary

  • Technology Overview
    • Technology Snapshot
    • Key Findings
  • Scope and Methodology
    • Scope
    • Methodology

2. Technology Adoption Analysis

  • Technology Drivers and Restraints
    • Technology Drivers
    • Technology Restraints
  • Technology Trends
    • Current Trends
    • Future Trends

3. Stakeholder Activities and Technology Prospects

  • Stakeholder Activities and Profiles
    • Stakeholder Activities
    • Stakeholder Profiles
  • Technology Opportunities and Roadmap
    • Technology Opportunities
    • Technology Roadmap

4. Key Patents and Contacts

  • Key Patents
    • Patents I
    • Patents II
  • Key Contacts
    • Industry Contacts
    • Researchers

5. Decision Support Database

  • Critical Reference Table
    • Percentage of Government R&D Investment in Biotechnology to Total Government Healthcare Expenditure (2004-2014)
    • Government R&D Expenditure in Biotechnology Across Regions (2004-2014)
    • Number Of Biotech Companies Across Regions (2004-2014)

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