Alternative Floodline number available


Customers can call Floodline on 0345 9881188 as well as 0845 9881188

An alternative number is available to people calling our Floodline service for information and advice about flooding.

We want to make sure the public do not pay over the odds to for information. As a result, an 0345 number is now running in parallel with the 0845 number as part of this transition.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: 'We have never made any money by using an 0845 number. Most people pay nothing to call Floodline from a landline as 0845 numbers are free as part of their call packages. The cost of calls from mobiles is determined by the phone service provider.

'The full switch over to 0345 9881188 will take place as soon as possible. However, we have been in a heightened incident since early December and took the decision not to start to promote the new number as we did not want confuse the public and jeopardise public safety. We will work with Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, who also use Floodline, to start wide-scale promotion of the new number as soon as possible.

'We also provide free flood warning information via other channels. For example, over 1.1 million people are signed up to our free Floodline Warning Direct service which sends local flood warning information via phone, text message and email; around 20,000 people have signed up to receive local alerts via the FloodAlerts application on Facebook; and free information can be found on our website, Twitter and Facebook page.'

Further information:

Floodline was established on 0845 9881188 in 1999. At the time 0845 numbers offered the most resilient nationwide option as they did not rely on a single telephone exchange.

The cost of 0345 and 0845 numbers is set by phone service providers. Landline callers could pay more to call 0345 than 0845, depending upon their call package.

Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and must count towards any inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls.

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