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alumina bricks lining installation guide


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The Installation:

Before installation, we should clean surface of ball mill.

  1. Installation should begin from the side walls installed with rectangle bricks totally and then adopt a certain number of rectangle half bricks to install matched. The gap between lining bricks should be less than 1.5mm. The installation of side walls should use rectangle bricks and rectangle half bricks only.
  2. After installing two side walls, then install round walls, which should adopt rectangle bricks and trapezoidal bricks. Make sure the bottom of lining bricks to contact tightly to the round walls, meanwhile use rectangle half brick and trapezoidal half bricks liner to match.
  3. Specific installation steps are as following: Please install rectangle bricks first, then install trapezoidal bricks, at the last line, if the straight bricks can’t be inserted, then install fake bricks, whose gap is sealed tightly by white cement / glue. Please let the workers install flexibly according to specific size of ball mill.


After the installation is finished, we should maintain according to the following steps:

  1. Dry the ball mill naturally for two days and put pour full water into the ball mill for 3 days, then take the water out and naturally dry 7 days at least.
  2. After drying 7 days, pour water (occupying 70% of volume of ball mill) into ball mill, then charge alumina ball (occupying 60% of ball mill) and move ball mill for grinding 3 hours. Then move the ball mill the second time for grinding 1.5 hours. After 3 to 4 days, the ball mill could be normally operated.
  3. In winter, new installed ball mill should be heated for two days. On the first day, heat the ball mill by electronic stove for 24 hours, then move the mill and heat the other side for 24 hours. After that, maintain the ball mill as the steps of above mentioned.
alumina bricks lining installation guide

Type A: Correct installation, with trapezoid brick and rectangle brick combined correctly.

Type B: Correct installation, with only trapezoid brick applied.

Type C: Wrong installation.

Cement: Regular white Portland cement is suggested, if need corrosion resistant, then special cement is required.

Mill linings alumina brick types available: rectangle brick, trapezoid brick, flake brick, half-rectangle brick and half-trapezoid brick.

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