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Aluminium can price drops back


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Novelis has changed the price of aluminium cans for the second time in two weeks.

Last week the company upped can prices by £75, sending loose and flattened cans from £800 per tonne to £875 per tonne, while baled cans rose from £850 per tonne to £925 per tonne.

However, today Novelis has announced that from tomorrow loose aluminium cans will drop back to £800 per tonne and baled or densified cans will also return to the previous value of £850 per tonne.

Novelis Recycling national manager Andy Doran said: “Last week the London Metal Exchange saw big falls, which have been compounded by high levels of economic uncertainty. With this in mind, we are aligning ourselves with the changing markets to keep prices competitive, which has always been our strategy.”

Aluminium can price drops back

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