Aluminium recycling


Source: UNTHA Shredding Technology Gmbh

Aluminium recycling is one of the most interesting topics at the moment, as aluminium is a highly sought-after raw material, just like steel. If it is processed properly, there is no limit to the reuse of aluminium. Recycled aluminium will not lose its quality through recycling as long as material of the highest possible purity is used.

Currently, aluminium is shredded by means of shear balers to less than 500mm and pressed in bales. This coarsely shredded material, however, still includes metals, but only pure aluminium will yield the best prices on the market. Pure aluminium can be achieved with the RS100 four-shaft shredder made by UNTHA shredding technology, Anton Unterwurzacher Maschinenbau GmbH. Thanks to the patented four-shaft cutting system with perforated screen, this shredder achieves granules of <60mm in one cycle. The granule size achieved by shredding makes FE separation possible.The final product is aluminium of the highest quality, which is ideal for recycling.

With throughput rates of up to 5 t/hr, the machine pays off soon after investment. The first machines supplied by UNTHA have been in operation in Spain, Romania and Austria for quite some time now.

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