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Always on the top of the wave or how to reduce your production costs?


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For those who spend a lot of money for buying new oil

In the time of high prices on fuel, recycling technologies are the good alternative. 'Green' enviromental and 'green' technologies need to become our future.

Engineers from PC GlobeCore are designed completely new way of used oil regeneration. 

UVR 450/16 plant is made for all types of regeneration, reclamation, refining, purification without any reconfigurations.

Fuel, oil cleaning system UVR 450/16 (in different execution):

• Clean diesel fuel and light mineral oils such as industrial oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, and also gas-condensate, kerosene etc.

• Remove acids, sulfur, mercaptan, aromatic, different additions

• Remove all types of water (free, emulsified & homogenised)

• Can be operated by only one operator

• Fully portable

• Saves on Fuel Costs

• Environmentally friendly

Results of regeneration are presented on our website 

Installation is designed for cleaning and clarification of dark heating oil and dark diesel fuel also can be use for regeneration of light mineral oils, transformer oil, turbine oil, industrial oil, hydraulic oil, insulation oil. 

We can offer you to make a reclaiming test of your used oil. 

To verify the possibility of UVR technology usage you can order our laboratory test/branch equipment which is made for laboratory researches.

Our engineers can instal UVR plant on your production facilities and provide maintenance. 

Like all genius our technology is simple and difficult at the same time. Know-how of our UVR plant is reactivation of exhausted sorbent in the same unit. As result you can utilize sorbent for 2-3 years without its replacement and utilization. There is no emissions into the atmosphere of pollutants and other substances. Your production become environmentally friendly, without pollutants.

Besides oil pass through the sorbent only once, there is no dubble run. One  pass is enough for final purification.

If you are interested in new technologies, new strategic decisions you are welcome to our website

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