Ambidata Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting Lda.

Ambidata Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting Lda.


2012 has just started and already Ambidata Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting Lda., has been distinguished with important awards.

We are proud to announce that all the good work we have been doing for the past 12 years is paying back.

In Portugal there are only 1368 Excellency SME´s and in our core industry, services, this number decreases to 143, so it was with great satisfaction that we received from IAPMEI ( Economy Ministry) the confirmation that we are on the right track: Not only we have received the  SME Leader award but also the Excellency SME award.

This means, that we are one of the 143 companies in Portugal that has its fiscal and social situation clean and on duty, that our growth strategy and our competitive base reinforcement makes us market leaders in Portugal and that we belong to the maximum risk profile ratings (AAA).

We have been having positive growing results, our EBITDA is growing and our financial autonomy is >= 20%.

So with this awards and specially the Excellency SME one we belong to the restrict group of companies that are distinguished by its management and economic- financial performance promoting its visibility and approaching to the market and the banking system.

Happy New Year! Hands On!

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