Ambient NOx Analyzer


Source: Eco Physics Inc.

The new CLD 64 nitrogen oxide analyzer tells you exactly and reliably your NO2 ambient values. With a ppb-resolution it continuously displays NO, NO2 and NOx concentrations. The four user-defined measuring ranges up to 100 ppm cover the relevant scale for all outdoor and ambient monitoring applications.

The CLD 64 can be operated by use of the built-in keyboard and display, but also through a PC for further data processing. It offers valuable findings in any situation where continuous monitoring or air quality inspection is required. The CLD 64 nitrogen oxides analyzer is your choice for NO2 surveillance and ambient monitoring. Despite its simple construction, there has been no relaxation of the customary high ECO PHYSICS standards. Thus, for example, it has a temperature-stabilized photomultiplier, a high-efficiency ozone generator and an internal thermal ozone scrubber. Just ask for further information – you will be astonished by this economical solution!

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