Ambient Pollution Monitoring Stations For Smelter Plants


Source: Environnement S.A Group - envea

Environnement S.A is pleased to announce a new order from NALCO India (National Aluminium Company Ltd) for the supply of 3 complete AQMS stations including analyzers such as AF22M (for SO2 monitoring) / AC32M (for NO, NO2, NOx) / CO12M (for CO and CO2 monitoring)  / MP101M particulate monitors (for PM10 / PM2.5)  for air pollution monitoring of a Smelter Plant located in Angul (Orissa region).

Extractive metallurgical and smelting processes can emit high quantities of air pollutants such as hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, CO2, offensive and noxious smoke fumes, vapors, gases, and other toxins. A variety of heavy metals: lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, and zinc are also released by the facilities.

Metals may be released as fine particles or volatile compounds, either via a chimney or as “fugitive” emissions from general operations. Organic vapors and sulfur oxides resulting from secondary smelting roasting operations and fuel combustion can cause smog, containing ozone, fine airborne particles, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

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