AMCON announces order of New Sludge Dewatering Press “Volute VDC-121 Model” for Ueno Industry Co., Ltd.


Source: AMCON Inc.

AMCON INC. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa, CEO: Shoichi Sasaki), manufacturing and selling of sludge treatment equipments, today announced that we received an order of New Sludge Dewatering Press “Volute VDC-121 Model” for Ueno Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo). The equipment is being delivered in August 2012.

■”Volute VDC series”



【The background of receiving the order】

“Volute VDC series” is the new model sludge dewatering equipment that is a superior solution for managing not only organic sludge but also inorganic sludge. Since its launch in May 2011, it has been highly regarded by oil drilling site, carriage builder, pharmaceutical plant etc.

Ueno Industry Co., Ltd. manufactures filters for car air-conditioners and had been considering the replacement of the existing dewatering machine for inorganic sludge. After their comparative review of a filter press that was the same type as the existing machine and Volute Dewatering Press, “Volute VDC-121 Model” could win high acclaim in terms of a good practical test outcome(※1), compact design that needs small footprint, low replacement frequency of consumable parts, requiring no rinsing water to prevent clogging and fully automated operation.

We set out the increase in orders on the field of wide variety sludge treatment. At the same time we work through development of solution to solve our customers’ problems associated with sludge treatment.


(※1) Solids Content 27.8%, Solids Capture Rate 99.0% (test outcome may differ depending on use conditions and use type of equipment.)


【New model sludge dewatering press “Volute VDC series”】

Sludge Dewatering Equipment is equipment for dewatering of “sludge” produced in process of wastewater treatment as byproduct and reducing of water content in sludge.

The new dewatering press “Volute VDC series” still keeps previous advantages as “ Strong resistance against oil”, “Clog-free Construction” etc. and also Newly-constructed core unit enables it to dewater various types of sludge. The equipment has also realized other new advantages as “More stable dewatering performance in long term” on the basis of the drastic reduction of the consumable parts. This innovation has brought us significant reduction in down time during overhauling, cost for consumable parts and related service fees.

Volute Dewatering Press has 1,710 delivery records after its release in 1991 and plays an active role in various industries as sewage treatment plants, food factories, chemical factories, livestock farms in 47 countries.

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