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America’s first carbon-neutral wine will have first transparent carbon label


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Sonoma-Loeb has taken an unprecedented, environmentally-conscious step toward reducing its chardonnay’s carbon footprint. Working with Carbon Solutions America, Sonoma-Loeb has been able to assess their wine’s carbon footprint and offset it by supporting the replanting and maintaining efforts of redwood forests in clear-cut tracts in Humboldt County, California.

Carbon neutrality was achieved through the purchase of carbon credits created by The Van Eck Forest Project, a Conservation-Based Forest Management project, in an area undergoing significant land-use change and development pressure.

Although other U.S. wineries have claimed their wineries to have carbon neutral status, Sonoma-Loeb is the first to have taken the actual product (bottled wine) carbon neutral, meaning that the carbon footprint of the production and delivery of the bottle to the consumer has been offset.

Because of the growing debate over carbon labeling and green-washing, Carbon Solutions America created the first carbon neutral label which defined what exactly was taken carbon neutral.

“Protecting our national resources has always been a top priority and now with everyone claiming to be green and environmentally friendly, we wanted to be transparent.” -John Loeb President/ Sonoma-Loeb Wines

The label will state that the wine has been taken carbon neutral by offsetting scope 1, 2 and partial 3 emissions for the wine based on The Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol and the International Wine Calculator. The label also leads one to even more specifics on their website,

Sonoma-Loeb is operated by John Loeb, Jr., former Ambassador to Denmark and a pioneer in environmental initiatives. Ambassador Loeb was the first chairman of the New York State Council of Environmental Advisors (resolving conflicts among environmentalists, business operators and farmers) and an advisor to Governor Nelson Rockefeller on Environmental and Economic Affairs from 1967-1970.

First bottled in 1991, early in the California wine revolution, Sonoma-Loeb Private Reserve Chardonnay is modeled after the Montrachet wines from Burgundy but, at about $30 per bottle, available at a fraction of the price of the great French wines. Private Reserve has earned ratings as high as 93 points from The Wine Spectator and 90 points from Robert Parker.

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