America’s Recycling Day helps launch New Eco Video Blogging Site



Boulder, Colorado, November 8, 2006
Now America’s Recycling Day on November 15th has one more reason to celebrate being an Environmentalist with the launch of Eco Video Blogging site

GREEN SCENE is the NEW look of Environmentalism on the WWW with a syndicated internet show hosted by the Eco-DIVA Desiree’ Annetoinette and an interactive video blogging site dedicated to showcasing Environmental and Socially conscious people-products-ideas and news.

Embracing web 2.0 video technology, GREEN SCENE is taking this popular form of edu-taining to the internet and beyond in hope of turning the age old stereotype of Hippie to HOT with a NEW GREEN look of Environmentalism.

The concept of a “NEW GREEN” image for the Environmental movement was born from the mind of Eco children’s clothing designer, Desiree’ Annetoinette in early 2006. “I knew that there needed to be a fresh approach to Environmentalism when I was constantly told that I didn’t “look” like an Environmentalist from my customers.” This constant curiosity to what the typical Environmentalist looked like was the driving force to create a show acknowledging all the people that are concerned about the Environment, not just the typical stereotype. “Everybody in the new Millennium is an Environmentalist” states Desiree’. “They just might not realize it yet, and that’s where GREEN SCENE comes in.”

Green Scene is produced and distributed by the Enable Agency, a creative video management company head-quartered in Denver CO. According to Bret Morstad, Business Principal at the Enable Agency, “The green message and our ability to deliver it in a technically creative way provided a terrific opportunity to reach our tech-smart, eco-savvy audience.”

Desiree’ Annetoinette co-created GREEN SCENE to not only help the Environmental movement with the current wave of video blogging but to also help build the idea of what the NEW GREEN is to the next generation. “We wanted anybody and everybody to be able to add their own Environmental and Social visions to the world in one convenient place” adds Desiree’ “GREEN SCENE is by the people and for the people… the way any good cause or business should be.”

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