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America Standard of application for Carbonsteel electrode


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Carbon steel electrode (its deposited metal tensile strength is less than or equal to 500 MPa. i.e 50 kgf / mm2 ) for carbon steel and low strength low alloy steel welding.

When selecting electrodes, usually according to the chemical composition of steel, mechanical properties, resistance to cracking performance, and taking into account factors such as welding structure shape, working conditions, force status and welding equipment performance, etc.. when necessary, the welding test shall be carried out. the process measures shall be determined, and then the welding rod shall be determined, generally, the requirements are good, the impact toughness is high, the crack resistance is good, and the low-hy(iS^J^^) welding electrode is choose, in order to improve the welding efficiency, the iron powder electrode can be choose for improving the welding efficiency.

The welding current proposed in the specification is a reference value, if the workpiece is preheated, it can be reduced by 5 ™ 15 % compared with normal current, when adopting DC, it can be reduced by about 10 % compared with AC.The vertical position and overhead welding ore about 10 - 15 % smaller than flat welding welding.

For low-h type(®Mj^^) , iron powder type covered electrodes, the welding electrodes must be baked over more than 350 Oc. as far as possible to the baking with the use. how many baking principles, otherwise will produce welding defects (such as porosity, slag, crack, process performance deterioration, etc.). For cellulose electrode, the baking temperature should be strictly according to the specifications, the temperature is too high, will burn the cellulose in the skin, destroy The inherent properties of the welding rod.

When using low-h e\ectrode($SM£r£k)  , the weld worker should be in the upwind position to strengthen the exhaust air to prevent the harm of welding fume to the body. The baking times of low-h type(

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