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American Water oversees water recycling system at nation`s greenest high-rise


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American Water (NYSE:AWK) has completed the design, procurement and construction phase at The Visionaire, fifth in a series of green residential buildings serviced by the company's Applied Water Management Group. Located in Battery Park City, Manhattan, the 33-story, 251-unit tower is now considered to be the greenest high-rise residential condominium in the United States.

Along with luxury amenities, The Visionaire's green features include a central water filtration system and advanced wastewater treatment system with a capacity to recycle 25,000 gallons per day for toilet flushing and air-conditioning cooling systems. In addition, a stormwater collection system will capture and store up to 12,000 gallons to irrigate the building's rooftop gardens.

These water-saving measures along with energy and water efficient appliances allow The Visionaire to use 55% less potable water than a residential development of similar size. The building has been designed to achieve Platinum LEED(R) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Along with water conservation, The Visionaire provides better air quality, energy efficiency and uses eco-friendly materials.

'Sustainable residential buildings like The Visionaire are not just attractive for the environmentally conscious,' said Don Corell, President and CEO of American Water. 'Saving water makes economical sense and helps address our nation's critical water supply challenges.'

American Water's Applied Water Management Group began designing and operating wastewater recycling systems for residential developments in 2000 with The Solaire, the nation's first sustainable residential high-rise. Since then, American Water has implemented similar systems at Millennium Towers, Tribeca Green, River House and The Visionaire - all green high-rises in Battery Park City - to ensure the buildings meet New York's strict direct reuse standards.

The Visionaire was developed by the Albanese Organization and designed by world-class architect Rafael Pelli, both of which previously worked on The Solaire and are known for environmentally conscious construction.

'All parties involved share a commitment to achieving sustainable design and operations,' said Michael Gubbins, vice president and director of residential management for The Albanese Organization. 'This commonality was an important factor in selecting American Water to guide the development's water recycling projects.'

Construction on The Visionaire began in January 2007, and the building has been ready for occupancy since late 2008. American Water's Applied Water Management Group is now working on the commissioning phase of the project in anticipation of starting full scale operations in the near future.

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