AMETEK Land Publishes New Global Services Brochure


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AMETEK Land has published a new global services brochure as part of the company’s continued commitment to assist customers in achieving the best operating performance from AMETEK Land instruments and systems.
The brochure details AMETEK Land’s comprehensive range of after-sales services, incorporating technical support, certification and calibration, commissioning, repairs, servicing, preventative maintenance and training, available through its dedicated in-house service centres and on-site service calls.
The dedicated service centres are situated throughout the world.  Each is run by highly trained technicians who respond to queries regarding products, installation, commissioning, calibration, as well as repairs or upgrades. AMETEK Land also offers on-site service, sending its technicians directly to a site to perform planned maintenance and emergency services. 
Also detailed in the new global services brochure are AMETEK Land training courses. Those courses can be tailored to customer needs at either basic or intermediate knowledge levels. The training courses can be conducted at AMETEK Land’s dedicated training centre in Dronfield, UK, or at customer sites worldwide.
In addition, the brochure highlights Spectrum Service Contracts from AMETEK Land that are available for both non-contact temperature measurement, and combustion and environmental monitoring equipment. The contracts ensure that instruments are professionally maintained and calibrated to function at peak factory performance levels throughout their lifetime. With a fixed cost of ownership for service, certification and calibration costs, Spectrum Service Contracts are more cost effective than ad hoc servicing, plus a lifetime warranty is offered for non-contact temperature measurement instruments.
AMETEK Land instruments frequently operate in harsh industrial environments, so the contracts provide added assurance of greater reliability and high accuracy repeatability every time a measurement is taken.  The contracts provide customers with annual preventative maintenance schedules that include full system and functionality checks, condition reports, calibration and conformity tests, optic alignments, and firmware updates. The maintenance schedules ensure that the instrumentation is operating effectively, prolongs the lifespan of that equipment, and protects the value of a company’s assets.
“Our instruments play a vital role in optimising industrial processes and in aiding plants to produce the highest quality products.  Unscheduled downtime or data quality issues can severely impact a plant’s ability to operate safely, efficiently and comply with environmental regulations.  Among the reasons we offer the broad range of technical services that can be found in the global services brochure is to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and that instrument performance is optimised,” explains Phil Doyle, Customer Service Director for AMETEK Land. 
Along with the above, the new brochure details how AMETEK Land certification and calibration offers an accredited ‘Best in Class’ service to customers that are required to meet national and international quality standards. All of AMETEK Land’s laboratory facilities are accredited against the ISO / IEC 17025: 2015 standard as approved by national accreditation bodies.  AMETEK Land’s certification and calibration service verifies the performance accuracy of an instrument at a given point in time, as part of confirming the compliance of an instrument and enhancing its long-term performance. 
The new AMETEK Land Global Services brochure is available for download at

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